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Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers Limited of Kenya. Our offices are situated at Inter Service Tower, 3rd Floor plot 33, Lumumba Avenue, Kampala.

Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited started offering insurance broking services in Uganda in June 1998. The main objective of the company is to protect the assets and other interests of its clients from loss or damage arising from insurance risks. The company has grown steadily by establishing a professional approach to broking of all insurance classes. The company is an active member of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Uganda.

Chancery Wright’s basic approach is to analyze and discuss the nature of risk exposure to individuals and organizations. After the analysis, a proposal of insurance categories and costing schedule is prepared.

This proposal forms the basis of the insurance coverage for a period of twelve months. The program is reviewed from time to time during the year.

Nearer the end of the insurance period, a renewal meeting is held to review performance during the year and to agree the new basis of insurance renewal for a new period.

Chancery Wright also has a thriving personal lines business department for services to individuals, small business partnerships and enterprises.

Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited through its parent company is a broker with a global reach. It has correspondent reciprocal broker arrangements with several international insurance brokers.

In Uganda, Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited has a correspondent arrangement with Marsh and Arthur J. Gallagher.  Marsh is the world leading insurance broker and risk adviser. Arthur J. Gallagher is also a leading global insurance broker.

Chancery Wright is also able to offer insurance broking services in Tanzania, through F & P Insurance Brokers, its correspondent broker in Dar-es-Salaam.

In Rwanda, Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited is able to offer broking insurance services through correspondent arrangement with Alliance Insurance Brokers Limited of Rwanda.

In South Africa Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited has a special connection with Dennis Jankellow and Associates, the largest Aviation insurance broker in Africa.

With these connections, Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited can provide insurance broking services second to none, with ability to access the latest products and technology on insurance for individuals, corporate and multinational clients.

As Professional Insurance Brokers, Chancery Wright, Uganda endeavors to provide risk solutions for every asset, enterprise, or liability.

Our insurance business mix comprises mainly corporate business from multinational, institutions, Uganda individuals and companies.

The company is committed to provide quality insurance service and aspires to give insurance broking service a professional as well as a personal touch!


  • Fire Insurance
  • Industrial All Risks
  • Domestic Fire Risks
  • Consequential loss insurance following fire risks
  • Business Interruption
  • Theft Insurance/Burglary
  • Money Insurance
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Electronic Equipment & Computers insurance
  • Engineering Machinery breakdown-Boiler insurance
  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance-Private cars & Commercial vehicles
  • Marine Cargo & Goods In Transit
  • Workmen’s Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance
  • Medical & Healthcare Insurance
  • Group & Personal Accident Policies
  • Group Life Assurances
  • Funeral Expenses Insurances
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Individual and Group Pension Schemes
  • Provident Fund Schemes
  • Retirement Benefits schemes
  • Mortgage Insurance and Credit Life Assurance
  • Travel Insurance

Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Limited

Inter Service Tower
3rd Floor plot 33
Lumumba Avenue
P.O. Box 25672
Tel: +256 41 4348464
Tel: +256 41 4235865
Fax: +256 41 4348341


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