Risk Management

“Managing Risks for greater profitability”

Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers has introduced risk management services as a value added service for our esteemed customers and clients at large. Risk management is gaining importance around the world as a tool to help businesses anticipate and control losses from various risk exposures. Re-insurers & Underwriters have already entrenched the practice whereas the corporate world is yet to fully embrace and exploit the concept within this market. CWIBL is bridging the gap by introducing this service for our clients who we believe stand to benefit the most.

What is Risk Management?

In a nutshell Risk Management involves studying and analyzing risk exposures facing an enterprise for purpose of control or elimination. It involves reviewing the physical establishment, production & business processes, human resources, environment & neighborhood etc. with a view to identifying anything that can negatively impact on the said business. Suitable risk solutions to counter the exposures can then be formulated.

Why Do Risk Management?

CWIBL has recognized the need for each of our clients to have a better understanding of their risk profile in-order that they may make informed decisions on corrective measures and make use of world class risk solutions.

Some of the benefits accruing from our risk management services include:

  • Access to a professional’s perspective on risk exposures
  • Bringing world Class risk solutions to bear on the organization with effective customization.
  • Ensuring optimal levels of insurance coverage as a method of risk transfer
  • Minimizing the incident of business interruption through pre-emptive preparation
  • Introduction of a wide variety of risk control tools be they engineering, operational, physical or legal

We have in-house risk management personnel with engineering and insurance expertise who are competent and experienced in the field of their operation. The Risk Management service is free of charge to our clients.

For more information on risk management please get in touch with us.

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