This insurance policy covers electronic equipment such as computers, microprocessors, word processors, telecommunication equipment, electronic machinery meant for medical use and other electronic equipment used in film and television studios, electronic scoreboards, etc.It is ideal for any individual or corporate organisation who employ the use of electronic equipment for purposes of business or pleasure.The policy covers unforeseen loss or damage to machinery declared by any accidental cause whilst working,at rest,dismantling or reassembly for maintainance,movement or repair.

It has three sections of cover:

SECTION I (Material Damage) : 

Covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to Electronic Equipment\'s from any cause, other than those excluded. 


Covers External Data Media and the expenses for reconstruction and re-recording of information. 


Covers Increased Cost of Working

Sum insured:

  • Material Damage

The sum insured should be equal to the cost of replacement of the same kind and same capacity.

  • External Data Media

The sum insured should be the amount required for restoring the insured external data media by replacing with new materials and reproducing lost information.

  • Increased Cost of working

The sum insured should be the amount, which the insured would have to pay as additional expenditure for use of substitute EDP equipment of similar performance to the EDP equipment insured. Charges like personnel expenses and costs for transportation of materials may also be included separately in the sum insured.

Indemnity/compensation under this cover is usually determined as follows:-

  • Material damage:
  • Partial loss:

Actual expenses incurred to restore the equipment to its former state plus cost of dismantling, re-erection, ordinary freight, Duty 

b) Total loss:

Actual market value immediately before the loss plus ordinary freight, erection charges, Duty.Excess & Salvage are deducted.

  • External Data Media:

Expenses incurred and strictly necessary for restoring the data media to its condition prior to the accident.

  • Increased Cost of Working:
  • Rental expenses incurred for substitute equipment on hourly basis.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Transportation charges etc.

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